Credits & [!] Icon Definitions


We all love a little credit when it’s due, so here’s a dedicated page for my blog! 😀

Thanks to EmojiCopy for all cute little icons (and non-Wordpress default smilies) used in this blog! I love smileys. ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks to Pixabay for all the free (still) images used in this blog! (Still images from other sites are credited individually in their respective captions.)

Thanks to Giphy for all the animated GIF images! (GIF images from other sites are credited individually in their respective captions.)

Thanks to for hosting my blog!

And of course, my fellow readers, THANKS TO YOU for reading / liking / following / commenting on my blog! 😀

[!] Icon Definitions

Other than the smilies I like using, you may have noticed the cute little icons with exclamation marks, so here’s a list of what they mean!

  • [🖼❗] Credit given to the image source! This is for the image sites I frequent more; other images are individually credited. Do refer to the Credits section above!
  • [❣❗] Highly sensitive people (HSPs) beware! The link with this icon leads to an article that may not be easy on our sensitive hearts, such as a detailed story of suffering, violence, etc. 🙁
  • [🆎❗] This link goes to a Japanese / Korean / Chinese media (manga, etc) but is supplied with English translation. 😀

Why These Cute Little Icons?

When I was writing this post, I was linking to various other articles and I found myself constantly typing, “HSPs beware! Reading this article may not be easy on our hearts!” At the same time, I found myself typing “Picture from [the same site]” several times in a row. After a few times, I felt like a broken recorder!

So I realised it’s time for an icon – after all,  a picture is worth a thousand words. 😛

If you have any suggestions for new icon definitions or free picture / media / etc sites for blog use, do let me know!

~Nicolle ❤️

A Short Self-Compassionate Letter

Dear Self,

It’s wonderful of you to give alerts to others through these cute icons and credits where they’re due. ❤️