When I first started this blog in mid Feb 2017, I never thought I’d be the recipient of even a single award, and I received so many that they were making my About page extra long! I’m really happy that these fellow bloggers thought so highly of me, and I really appreciate them. Thanks very much for the award nominations. ❤️

This page contains all the awards I’ve obtained in the history of Stories of a Highly Sensitive Introvert, and each image links straight to the related posts so do click on them if you want to read more!

Jainey & Nessa Awards for Outstanding Personalities

A multi-categorical award by a group of highly inspirational teenagers over at the Jainey and Nessa Awards blog! Thanks again for all your dedication and effort in making us feel highly appreciated. ❤️

award-jainey-nessa-most-inspirational-person-659x500 award-jainey-nessa-one-of-a-kind-author-647x500

award-jainey-nessa-most-hilarious-individual-647x500 award-jainey-nessa-sweetest-individual-642x500

Blogger Award Nominations

A.k.a. more “About Me” articles. 😆

Thanks again to those who nominated me! I really appreciate it. ❤️

award-blue-sky-tag-250x250award-thecramm-250x250 award-mystery-blogger-250x250

award-one-lovely-blog-261x264award-sunshine-blogger-250x250 award-blogger-recognition-250x250

award-black-cat-blue-sea-292x280 award-liebster-485x300

award-versatile-blog-375x250 award-real-need-blog-375x250


And thanks to you for actually reading this page all the way to the end! It makes me happy. 😀

~Nicolle ❤️

A Short Self-Compassionate Letter

Dear Self,

These awards are proof that people do think highly of you, despite your fears. ❤️