Hello, world!

My name is Nicolle, and as you can probably tell by this blog, I’m a highly sensitive person and an outgoing introvert. 🙂

As a married working Chinese female born in the late 80s, I enjoy playing video games, reading Japanese comics (manga), listening to music (mostly lyricless soundtracks), playing the piano, writing fictions (mostly fantasy),  drawing pictures (once in a really blue moon) and, of course, spending time with my husband. I’m also an avid reader of articles online, on random topics ranging from science to spirituality and even about games and music. Yep, usually there isn’t enough time in a day for me!

So, why this blog?

I’ve already known for years that I’m an introvert (specifically, an INFJ). But when I first found out about highly sensitive people (HSP), I had an “Aha!” moment – suddenly I wasn’t so strange anymore, suddenly there was an explanation for my sensitivity. I shared the article with my best friend, and it turned out she’s a HSP too! It made me wonder just how many people in the world didn’t know they are HSPs, so I wanted to add my voice to the choir and spread the topic on HSPs and introverts. 🙂

Of course, I’m by no means an expert – I’m just an avid reader of articles of random topics, after all – and there are quite a few sites and blogs that cover the topics really well. So what I want to share on this blog are my own stories and experiences about being a HSP and an outgoing introvert, and at the same time functioning as a collection of bookmarks for online articles that help me to learn more about myself.

Who knows, maybe someone out there will have an “Aha!” moment like me upon reading my blog. 😀

Blog Award Nominations

A.k.a. more “About Me” articles. 😆

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Thanks again to those who nominated me! I really appreciate it. ❤️

~Nicolle ❤️

A Short Self-Compassionate Letter

Dear Self,

How wonderful that you’re showing more of yourself to the world despite your fears! ❤️