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Random Video Day: How Disney Uses Language

Okay, we’re now approaching the end of January 2018… and my gears still haven’t quite started yet. I know, I know, I made a goal of getting back into blogging and cooking this year, and in my defense, I did cook something (simple) and also read some of my favourite blogs this week! I think some form of start, no matter how slow, is still a start, and hopefully my gear will rev up soon. 😀

Anyway, for today’s post, I’m going to cheat some and share a video about how Disney uses languages that I thought was interesting!

Wow, I think that’s why I prefer Japanese anime not dubbed in English, and songs with non-English lyrics (mostly Japanese), because they sound so different! Does that sound strange, considering English is my first language? 😆

Here’s one of my favourite songs from a video game made by a Japanese developer, but sung in Swedish!

Interesting, isn’t it? 😆

Hope you enjoyed this!

~Nicolle ❤

A Short Self-Compassionate Letter

Dear Self,

It’s great how you still went and posted something even though your gears aren’t quite started yet. 😀

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