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Infographics: Extroverts vs Introverts

I shared this infographic before and decided to reshare it because it’s interesting! With a few extra words, of course, so that I don’t look like I’m lazy with my posts during NaNoWriMo. 😛

The Key Differences Between Introverts And ExtrovertsInfographic from Office Vibe: The Key Differences Between Extroverts and Introverts

But It Doesn’t Include Extrovert = Outgoing / Introvert = Shy!

Did you know there are actually shy extroverts and outgoing introverts? And there are even ambiverts, a balance of extroverts and introverts?

The whole extrovert = outgoing / introvert = shy thing is a label, a stereotype that are damaging to those who are assumed to be something they’re not. For example, I’m an outgoing introvert and I can have fun in social situations if I want to, but after a 3-hour party, all I want to do upon reaching home is to vegetate for the next week! And then people get confused when I decline the next 2 invitations, thinking I’m an extrovert. 😶

Are you an extrovert, introvert or ambivert? What kind of difficulties have you encountered? Do let me know below!

~Nicolle ❤

A Short Self-Compassionate Letter

Dear Self,

It’s wonderful how well you know yourself now. ❤

13 thoughts on “Infographics: Extroverts vs Introverts

  1. I love this graphic. And the questions you initiate Nicolle. Thank you! I’m a highly sensitive ambivert. Extroverted at work. Introverted in my private life. Confusing at times. But I find if I follow my intuition — I always find my sacred space. Being here with you is one of them. 💚🌿

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    1. That’s really interesting to learn (especially when you’re first ambivert Ive met 😀), and I’m happy being with me is also one of your sacred space! Thanks for reading and commenting. ❤️

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  2. Great infographic. The “are reserved” image is hysterical! ❤

    Are you doing NaNo? Gosh, I'm shocked you're even showing up here on the blog with that big writing goal. Keep it up (the NaNoing – if you need a break from the blog, take it!). And you'll have to let me know how it goes. Rooting for you 🙂

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    1. Glad you like it! Sometimes I certainly wish I could walk around with a paper bag on my head. 😆

      And yes, I’m doing NaNo! I have a few posts scheduled in advance before starting so I could reserve more writing bandwidth for NaNo, so it’s not too bad. Though I don’t have enough posts for the whole month, so I might have to cheat towards the end of the month. 😛

      Thanks for the support! ❤️

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