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Jainey & Nessa Awards for Outstanding Personalities 2017!

Yes, I’m feeling like this right now! [πŸ–Όβ—]
Originally I didn’t plan on posting anything today, but this is so incredible I decided to get off my lazy behind and type this today!

As you’ve probably guessed from the post title, I’ve received the Jainey and Nessa Awards! Not just in one category, but FOUR!! 😱😱😱😱


About the Jainey and Nessa Awards

First, a little bit about this award!

The Jainey and Nessa Awards (named after the award founders) first started off with one bright and awesome teenager’s idea of imaginary award ceremonies where everyone is a winner, with funky awards like “Happiest Individual” and “Nicest Smile” and even printed A4 personalised certificates to go with them! πŸ†πŸŽ–πŸ…

Last year, the team – formed from a group of equally bright and awesome teenagers – went on to make it official and started appreciating outstanding personalities in their city, to make them feel as good as the team did, and this year they went global and accepted nominations from around the world. 🌍🌎🌏

Thanks to the awesome Jane Love for nominating me, and to the equally awesome Jainey and Nessa Awards team for the dedication and effort! ❀❀❀

Do visit the brand new Jainey and Nessa Awards blog to learn more. πŸ˜€

Awards Received

Each award comes with an awesome personalised certificate that has our name on them and even more personalised comments from a member of the award team! Here are the ones I’ve received with the co-founder’s words:


Most Hilarious Individual: “Nicolle, you are an amazing person who has a great sense of humor. I really enjoyed reading through your answers. Keep on bringing smiles to the faces of many.”


Most Inspirational Person: “You’re funny, smart and an inspiration to many. Not just because of the former part of my statement but also because of your ability to make others feel good about themselves, your courteousness and the completely positive outlook of things that you have. And if that’s not worth admiring, then I don’t know what is.”


One of a Kind Author: “I’ll be honest, Nicolle. I have never come across a writer such as yourself. The amount of dedication and zeal you put into your writing is really admirable. Good job.”


Sweetest Individual: “This is shown not only in her lifestyle but her speech and zeal to make those around her happy and positive.”

Wooooow!! I wasn’t expecting such wonderful compliments directed to me, plus having actual award certificates personalised for me! The part that tickled me most was the fact my round cat profile picture went onto one of the certificates. πŸ˜†

Congrats to Other Awardees! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ

Some of my fellow bloggers have been awarded too, so I want to take this chance to congratulate them! Here are their names and a link to their blogs:

  • Addison D’Marko: Smart Rebel, Most Inspiring Author
  • Ipuna Black: SuperMom of the Year, Most Contagious Smile, Fountain Of Love
  • Sadaf Siddiqi: Wise One Award, Most Inspiring Individual, Motivational Speaker
  • Tajwar Fatma: Favorite Person 2017, Beautiful Inside and Out, Most Inspiring Individual, Sweetest Individual 2017

Congrats to you incredible ladies! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ
You’re all awesome and definitely deserve them. πŸ˜€

Congrats to other awardees too! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ
I may not have known you, but I’m sure you’re also wonderful as confirmed by the Jainey and Nessa Awards you’ve received!


Thanks again to Jainey and the Jainey and Nessa Awards team! You’ve made my day, week and month. ❀❀❀

~Nicolle ❀

A Short-Self Compassionate Letter

Dear Self,

Congratulations! This affirms the fact that you’re more wonderful than you give yourself credit for. ❀

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