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Alert: A Collaboration on Self-Love & Acceptance ❤️

This time I made the cover picture for this collaboration! 🖼

Yep, it’s that time of the month again! If you’re new to Collaboration with a Purpose, you can view this index page that has the introduction and also the links to all our completed collaborations. 😀

Our theme for September is self-love & acceptance! ❤ In this time and age when many of us are expected to be supermen and superwomen and be able to achieve everything and love everyone, sometimes we forget to love and care for ourselves. This month we’ll look at different views of why self-love & acceptance is important, how to achieve it and/or struggles with it, or other topics that the others can think of (even I don’t know what they’re writing yet!). 😀

So here goes the trailer ending phrase again:


As always, don’t worry, it’s really soon. 😆

How the Cover Picture Turned Out the Way It Did

While we’re at it, here’s a brief story on my struggles with the cover picture! Just so I could tell my random story to anyone who’s willing to read. 😛

When I was tasked with it, I was stumped. There are loads of picture on the internet depicting romantic love, family love or even just love, but how do I depict self-love? The examples that Uncle Google showed me didn’t quite tickle my fancy. 😶

First, I decided I wanted the silhouette of a person rather than showing an actual person, then I picked a sunrise as the background, because I felt that love begins with self-love!

Then I was stumped again. What pose should the silhouette have? I first tried having a meditation pose, and later a yoga pose, because taking the time to do meditation or yoga is a form of self-love! But it didn’t work out since, well, not everyone does meditation or yoga. 😅

Three or four digital paper balls in the trash later, I decided to just search for free images of people silhouette on my favourite free image site, Pixabay. That was when I found this picture, the picture of a woman’s silhouette filled with happiness during a sunrise, and thought, “Hey, that seems to be what I’m looking for!”

Basically I went with a book cover feel (like those minimalist book covers with a simple picture and some space to add the title). I adjusted the picture so that the silhouette is more to the left so that I’d have quite a bit of space to add the text. As for the font, I wanted something that looks like something from a love letter, so I went with a free font called Love & Trust! Yep, even the font is full of love. ❤

And that’s my random story of making a cover picture. 😆

The Collaborators!

This time we have 15 collaborators! Our little collaboration family is growing. 😀

  • Addison D’Marko (“If you want to achieve complete happiness one of the things you are going to have to do is care less. By this I mean stop putting so much thought into the things that do not matter.”)
  • Barb Caffrey @ Barb Caffrey’s Blog (“So, if you believe in any sort of Higher Power, one of the things you need to remember is to forgive yourself once in a while.”)
  • Camilla Motte @ Moms on the Go (“We want to be help to the helpless. We all need love and support and I pray this community will be that for you.”)
  • Divyang Shah @ i think my way (“If someone don’t speak much, don’t interpret as a dumb, their mind must be working on something very big or may be he is a writer and observing surrounding on which he would come with some deep write-ups.”)
  • Ipuna Black (“None of us are perfect or come from perfect backgrounds, but this doesn’t mean we can’t aim for a positive and fulfilling life. The life we all deserve.”)
  • Jane Love @ Harmonious Joy (“People who have a genuine say and a true voice of their own… not just an echo of some celebrity they think they love.”)
  • Joel A Scott (“I transformed my life completely and now I help others do the same. I realized that I was not alone in the world. Somewhere else, there was some just like me who wanted more for themselves but was either: 1. afraid to take the necessary steps to get there; 2. unsure of how to transform themselves; 3. needed the kick in the ass that I got.”)
  • Jothish Joseph @ TheJothishJosephBlog (“Anybody can write “Extra” before “ordinary” but only people of courage dare to earn it…”)
  • Manal Ahmad a.k.a. iamthatgirl23 @ Sensible Nonsense (“Who says oblivion happens to all of us? A single act of kindness makes sure you live on in somebody’s heart.”)
  • Mylene C. Orillo (“Where I’m at right now is a testament that ‘Dreams really do come true.'”)
  • Sadaf Siddiqi (“The best thing about memories, is one doesn’t realise they are making memories but once recorded, it just rewinds and takes one back to the beautiful series of life.”)
  • Sonyo Estavillo @ ‘Lil Pick Me Up (“I am here to champion anyone from the successful and confident folks, to those that are clinically depressed.”)
  • Tajwar Fatma @ LifeAsWeHaveNeverKnownIt (“When life hits you hard, hit back harder!”)
  • And of course myself, Nicolle K @ Stories of a Highly Sensitive Introvert! I’ll also post a little excerpt from this blog post from many months ago that is still relevant now; wow, time flies! (“Success, for me, is when I spend my days feeling happy, peaceful, fulfilled and without fear of lack. 😊”)

While waiting for the latest instalment, do head over to my Collaboration with a Purpose index page to view all the themes we’ve completed so far!

Hope you’ll enjoy our incoming themed posts. 😀

~Nicolle ❤️

A Short Self-Compassionate Letter

Dear Self,

It’s incredible that you took the time and effort to write this and also prepare the cover picture although you’re recovering from a surgery! ❤️

10 thoughts on “Alert: A Collaboration on Self-Love & Acceptance ❤️

    1. You’re welcome and thanks for the kind compliments! I like doing these collaboration posts, both the intro and the main. ❤

      With your busy schedule, I wouldn’t think you’re slacking even if you don’t have an announcement post! I’d say you have different priorities now, which isn’t always bad. 😀

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