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Mid-Week Video Day: Baroque Music in the Key of Comedy

Note: The Youtube title says “Classical music”, but it’s technically baroque music (Pachelbel’s Canon in D). Just in case you’re wondering about the discrepancy in my post title. 😛

That was really fun to watch, but I’m just amazed they’re able to play while running and jumping around like that! Too bad my own piano classes wasn’t this fun 20 years ago, or I would have been more motivated to play baroque and classical songs. 😆

For the benefit of those who don’t get the cellist’s joke (why did he look so mad while playing at first?), here’s a bonus video to understand why!

Man, now I’m never going to listen or play Pachelbel’s Canon the same way ever again. 😆

~Nicolle ❤

A Short Self-Compassionate Letter

Dear Self,

Haha, that looks fun! Now you can play classical music the fun way too. 😆


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