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My Beginner Crystal Endeavour, Part 2!

Yep, I still think I went a little overboard as a beginner. 😅

Last week I wrote about my new interest in crystals and my first trip to the crystal store! Since I was into crystals now, I thought I’d be more interested in those (expensive) jewellery stores where people buy wedding rings, but I found I was as uninterested in them as ever – I’ve never stepped into one ever since I got my wedding ring. 😛

Since I got my black tourmaline bracelet and my blue kyanite pendant, I thought I would be set for a while. But when I accompanied my mum to the crystal shop a second time, I decided to add one type of crystal to my collection… and ended up with three! Goodbye, my purchase self-control? 😱

Note: As with the last post, I took the liberty to link to various articles from Essencentral and samanthamurdochblog throughout this post (because I’m not an expert 😛), so thanks to both of you! 😀

Orange Carnelian Bracelet

My orange carnelian bracelet!

Actually I went to the crystal shop without the intention to get this bracelet – I was planning to get an amber bracelet or ring to help with my sacral chakra (the next one after root chakra, which I have my black tourmaline bracelet for), but the owner’s wife said they didn’t have any in stock and wouldn’t be ordering anymore. According to her, one needs to be extra careful about buying amber in these parts, as some unscrupulous people mix in artificial things with amber and pass it off as genuine. Scary. Then again, I live in a country where piracy is rampant, so… 😶

I read online for another crystal that would help me with my sacral chakra, and I found orange carnelian! It inspires and courage and confidence, may inspire creativity, kindles feelings of joy and warmth, enhance concentration and helps strengthen willpower! Yes to creativity and willpower, I definitely need both!

The one I have is more dark orange (almost red), which reminds me of Thai tea without milk. 😛

For further reading:

Labradorite Bracelet

I love the shiny blue / green bits on my labradorite bracelet!

Labradorite crystals (nothing to do with Labrador retrievers except they originated from Labrador, Canada 😛) are high energy crystals! If you want to boost your psychic abilities, improve your connection to your higher self, become a magician, this is the crystal for you. 😀

While all that sounds very attractive, at the time I didn’t feel ready to improve my psychic abilities yet (if I have any in the first place) – I wanted to balance my chakras and improve my health first, which was why I started with the black tourmaline and blue kyanite, and now the orange carnelian. I figured I’ll be ready to do that when I have a solid foundation!

Except that by now I was starting to have the same tendency as I did with pianos – if I see a new piano, I feel like testing it – so if I’ve read about a new crystal, I feel like having a look at it! Since the day before I read about high energy crystals, I decided to ask for fun if the store has moldavite (they didn’t) or labradorite (they did!). The owner’s wife showed me a few pendants with funny grey crystals with pretty peacock-colour shine, but I wasn’t exactly attracted to them.

Suddenly my mum asked if they had any labradorite bracelets (for some reason it didn’t occur to me 😅). They did and only one left – and my heart jolted the moment I saw it.

Some of the labradorite beads had a pretty specky grey body (like grey eggs), some had marble-like lines, and some had both. All of them had a beautiful shine of bright blue, green or turquoise. They remind me of the universe with all the shining galaxies and nebulae! (I loved pictures of the outer space as a kid.) While my mind was going through the usual “Are you sure this is the one? Are you sure you need it?” purchasing doubts, but my heart was already attached to it.

Here’s the funny thing –  I very hardly fall in love at first sight. I’m the type to have an “Oh, okay” reaction at first and then gradually falling deeply in love. So even though the labradorite bracelet was way more than my self-imposed budget (which I placed so that I don’t go wild), I went ahead and bought it anyway. 😀

The first time I wore it (after a day energy cleansing with sunlight and short Reiki sessions), I started having a headache. Then I remembered I hadn’t been drinking water in a few hours and drank a whole glass. The headache was still there.

I went to chill in front of the TV, and eventually I was so sleepy that I almost fell asleep in front of the TV! Bear in mind this was mid-afternoon, and I had a 9-hour sleep last night so it wasn’t a lack of sleep. I had felt like this before, and if I had insisted on not napping, I’d get a headache. So I went to nap.

They say when we dream, we connect with spiritual world. And remember I mentioned labradorite helps to boost psychic abilities? Yep, I immediately noticed the effects of the labradorite when I dreamed!

Usually my dreams are super blurry – I can make out shapes and general colours, but rather than noticing details, I “know” things – I know I’m in my grandmother’s old house, I know I’m wearing a dress – but the details are hard to make out. I suppose it’s like having an eye power of 900+ and not wearing glasses! (I wear glasses and I have 250+ eyepower.)

When I slept with my labradorite, however, my dreams became clearer. Not HD clear, but like having 250+ eyepower and not wearing glasses. For example, I “knew” I was in a hotel room, but I could see the dark green carpeted floor, the dark (mahogany?) teak furniture, the box of chrysenthymum tea that has a picture of a chrysenthymum flower, a glass with yellow chrysenthymum tea in it, and I could see people’s expressions! Later when I dreamed I was crossing this low rope bridge over water, I could see the wood and rope in detail, and the brilliant blue waters under the bridge reflecting the sunlight. So cool!

After wearing my labradorite bracelet for a few weeks, I no longer have headaches, but I still have clearer and more colourful dreams. I also realised when I channel Reiki energy (mostly on myself or my husband), the energy feels hotter and more tingly on my palms. 😀

By the way, today I just learned how much I’m meant to have this labradorite bracelet – it’s a birthstone for Sagittarius, and I’m a Sagittarius! How interesting. 😆

For further reading:

Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum

The newest addition to my collection; a clear quartz pendulum!

Yep, I got a clear quartz pendulum! Not that I know how to use it; I thought it’d be fun to start learning how to. 😆

Having a pendulum wasn’t on my list though; it was a bit of an impulse purchase (I hardly buy things on impulse, I have a pretty good self-control, or at least I’d like to think so 😛). Of course, I did read about it online before I bought it, and I casually thought, “Well, if I were to buy a crystal pendulum, I want a clear-coloured one like clear quartz instead of a solid-coloured one!”

Then fast forward to that crystal shop trip where I bought the orange carnelian and labradorite bracelets. I asked the shop owners if they had any crystal pendulums for sale and they did – and the only ones they had were quartz crystal ones, exactly what I was looking for! I felt an attraction to one of them, so I bought it. 😀

It’s been a few weeks, but I still don’t know how to use a pendulum! I’ve read quite a few articles online, tried to program the pendulum or ask my higher self to tell me what movement means yes or no, but I still don’t know what I’m doing right or wrong. The pendulum moves very slightly regardless of silence or questions, but I attribute that to my shaky hands. 😅

Well, one day, I’ll get it right. 😀

Further reading:

Yep, that’s all the crystals I have for now! I decided after this trip that I don’t really need anymore crystals for the time being, because I already busted my self-imposed budget to begin with. 😅

Still, I’m glad to have these crystals with me and believe they’re helping me energetically. ❤️

~Nicolle ❤️

A Short Self-Compassionate Letter

Dear Self,

Don’t worry about not being able to use the pendulum! It’s not because you’re not meant to do it, it just means you’re not quite there yet. Just keep at it and you’ll eventually be able to. 🙂

6 thoughts on “My Beginner Crystal Endeavour, Part 2!

  1. How interesting your dreams with the labradorite! I actually have not worked with labradorite yet, so this is intriguing to me as my dreams can also be quite fuzzy sometimes – I typically use cedarwood and frankincense essential oils to help with that 🙂 love reading about your experiences, Nicolle! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad that you like reading my experiences and good to hear I’m not the only one with fuzzy dreams! I’ll see if I can find cedarwood and frankincense essencial oils here and give it a go. 😀

      For the time being I’m putting a brake on my crystal purchasing because I kind of went a little wild and over my budget! So there won’t be much new crystal stories for a while. Unless something happens with my current crystal collection, who knows? 😛

      Liked by 2 people

    1. I should be saying thank you for the information blog posts! I’m certainly enjoying it, though I need to stop getting more crystals for the time being due to busting my budget on my first two trips to the store. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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