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International Happiness Day


Wow, I didn’t know that it’s International Happiness Day on Monday 20 Mar 2017! It’s already almost the end of Tuesday 21 Mar 2017 for me, but well, they all say better late than never, so Happy International Happiness Day to everyone! Thanks for the reminder, Kayla. ❤️

Also, I’m joining Kayla at the challenge of listing 20 things that create a sense of happiness for us! Except I’m going to do it a little differently and list 20 things that made me happy today:

  1. A goodbye kiss from my husband before we both left for work in the morning, that always makes my morning. 😘
  2. There’s just something about today that makes me light and happy, even when I’m expecting PMS to come! No PMS = happy. ❤️
  3.  Kayla nominated me for theCramm Award, my third blogging award in a week! I feel so honoured. ❤️
  4. One of my favourite soundtrack played while driving to work, so I sang along to it. 🎵
  5. I thought I was late for a scheduled meeting, but it turns out I messed up the scheduled time – I was 15 minutes late! Being a serial latecomer, being early is always good. 😆
  6. A colleague asked me for some summarised data based on the report I provided last week. I thought it’d be tricky, but turns out it was easier with MS Excel than I thought! I learned something new in MS Excel today. 📈
  7. Another colleague had a problem with the data on an MS Excel file, which I offered to fix. It turns out to be a simple problem (the formulae were pointing to the wrong rows) that I fixed in 10 minutes (record time!), and I got a warm fuzzy feeling for helping. 🙂
  8. I had a craving for spicy and sour food today; my sister agreed, so we had asam pedas for lunch! My stomach felt spicy the whole day after that, but that’s besides the point. 😆
  9. My sister paid for lunch today!
  10. My sister showed me pictures of this really cute tuxedo cat on her phone! (Someone else’s cat online.) Cute cat pictures for the win. 🐱
  11. I’m reminded why I feel really loyal to my Australian boss (I work with Australians online via emails, instant messaging and video teleconference). I couldn’t join a scheduled teleconference with him because my work laptop crashed before I could get the dial code, and by the time I was back online 15 minutes later, the teleconference already ended. I apologised to my boss, but he just said, “Oh, it’s all right. I saw you offline [on the instant messanger] so I figured that happened. I’ll update you on our usual meeting tomorrow.” 🙂
  12. I helped my sister with some banking stuff. 🏧
  13. I shared a sinful chocolate cake with a close colleague friend. 🍰
  14. I had a wonderful chat with my said close colleague friend! She’s a positive smiling lady and a pleasure to be with. 😄
  15. I drove home later than usual today, fully expecting a major bottleneck jam at a particular highway exit… but there wasn’t any! Smooth traffic = happy. 🚗
  16. I made an appointment with a friend to visit a crystal shop a few days later! I like looking at crystals, though I hope I won’t be too tempted to buy (I have quite a lot now). 🔮
  17. I managed to spare some time today to just chill with my phone (to read stuff) and slowly drink my pot of Chinese tea. 🍵
  18. Today my blog hit the most number of likes ever, thanks to all of you! ❤️
  19. Tomorrow is a work-from-home day; I love working from home so I’m looking forward to it. 🏠
  20. Usually I prefer to chill after work, but I got to post this lengthy reblog! I feel so productive today. 💪

Do feel free to reblog this and add your own list of 20 happy things!

~Nicolle ❤️

A Short Self-Compassionate Letter

Dear Self,

Wow, you’re so productive today! I’m proud of you, especially when you’re working on spreading happiness around! ❤️


Today was International Happiness Day!

I actually didn’t even realize this until I came across Lee’s post over at her blog Golden Pink Journal just a bit ago.

She invited her followers to partake in a challenge of listing 20 things that create a sense of happiness for us. I’m super late on this, but I decided to join her! 🙂

  1. Deep belly laughs
  2. Random acts of kindness
  3. Watching and interacting with children
  4. Dancing wildly and unabashedly
  5. Painting
  6. Organizing/decorating my space
  7. Choosing my outfit/jewelry for the day
  8. Sky gazing
  9. Connecting with genuine, positive people
  10. Eating fresh, juicy fruits, veggies, and greens – also the occasional dark chocolate
  11. My morning tea time
  12. Being of service in whatever way I can
  13. Sitting in front of my altar and playing my singing bowl
  14. Being a witness to others personal realizations and shifts
  15. Being intensely curious about life and each person I meet
  16. Hiking…

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