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Car Wash = Summon Rain?

And here’s a special mid-week post! I planned to post weekly, but I was inspired to write this after reading fellow blogger Azuki Mochi’s post on frugal Asian parents! Not so much on the frugal Asian parents part though, more on the rain and car wash part. 😀

“Rain, I summon you!” [sends car for a wash] [🖼️❗️]
Have you ever encountered a situation that is seemingly simple at first, but later it happens again? Like a really mundane deja vu, only that it happens again and again? And yet again?!

First, some background story – I got my first and current car in mid-2012, one of those really generic silver cars you’d see over 9,000 of in a single day (I sometimes mistake someone else’s car for mine in a parking lot; yep, it’s that generic). Unlike husband, I’m not really a car enthusiast (I just wanted a car that has four wheels, an engine and a roof), so it’s a given that I’d be too lazy to wash my own car! Car wash places are a dime a dozen in my city; you’d find one in a shopping mall parking, next to a restaurant / cafe / coffee shop / food court, or even randomly set up along a road, so I’d send a car for a wash and get lunch / reluctant workout / forced shopping / etc done in the meantime.

The first time I sent my car for a wash, it was a pretty sunny afternoon with no dark clouds in sight, an “It’s so sunny, perfect for a car wash!” kind of day. But, when I returned a couple of hours later, the sky was already starting to darken… and it rained on my drive home. I figured it was just a case of bad timing, and, well, at least I got the interior vacumned!

The second time, the same thing happened – a bright and sunny afternoon, a car wash, and rain on the way back.

After the third, fourth, fifth – sixth?! – time, any random person would have the same thought by now, “Why does it rain whenever I get my car washed?!”

I’m sure at least one of the following is running through your mind now:

  • Wow, it rains a lot in my city! Yep, it does… during rainy season. Not much during a blisteringly hot sunny season like the usual Chinese New Year here… yet I got a car wash = rain.
  • Dark clouds looming overhead before a car wash? Of course, I make sure it’s a super sunny day before going, I want to make the most of my car wash buck, after all! But even my husband and I decide it’s a perfectly sunny day, car wash = rain.
  • Pure coincidence! Maybe, but it doesn’t explain the one time my mum helped to rinse and wipe the car at home and later it rained. Or the times I sent my car for a routine maintenance service that comes with a free wash… and rain. And would you still think it’s a pure coincidence after this happened for 4.5 years?

Whoa, hold on! 4.5 years?!

Yep. And would you believe me if I say the rate of car wash = summon rain is 100%?

100%?! That’s way higher than my math test score!

Yep, higher than my math score too. 🙂

Sometime last year, I thought to myself; hey, maybe I actually have the ability to predict rain! So I started randomly looking at the sky and guess when it was going to rain; an hour? Two hours? Ten minutes?

The result? Nope, no rain predictive ability. When I predicted it would rain in 1.5 hours, it rained in 20 minutes. When I predicted 10 minutes at the sight of some really dark clouds, the wind blew it the other way so it never rained. Bleh.

But hey, maybe I have the ability to create rain whenever I get my car washed! Or maybe my car has rain summoning powers! Or maybe me + my car + car wash = summon rain! Who knows?

Whatever it is, I know I can’t wash my car for a while; it’s been raining every day for the past few weeks (yep, weird Chinese New Year weather this year), so I won’t be maximising the value of my car wash buck. Luckily my car isn’t too dirty, so I should be all right for a while! I think.

Oh well, maybe I should go take a brush and scrub my car in the rain. 😀

~Nicolle ❤️

A Short Self-Compassionate Letter

Dear Self,

Haha! Life works in interesting ways, doesn’t it? It’s good to take notice of synchronicity; you might notice you have more happening to you! 😀

5 thoughts on “Car Wash = Summon Rain?

  1. I love how synchronicity works in amazing ways! I know who to call whenever I want it to rain! Lol! 😀


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