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Grand Blog Opening!

Whee, fireworks! [🖼️❗️]
Whoo hoo! We have a grand opening in sight! Bring the ribbons! Bring the champagne glasses filled with juice! Bring the obligatory VIP who has to smile at the camera while cutting the huge flowery ribbon free! Bring the fireworks, the confetti! The cheers and applause!

Yep, we even have celebration music ready (borrowed from YouTube):

For the more curious ones, this soundtrack is from a well-known video game called Final Fantasy VII; it plays during a giant military company CEO’s welcoming ceremony that the heroes have to infiltrate (among the company’s soldiers).Then the hero (disguised as a soldier) gets caught up in the soldiers’ marching parade and has to perform on the fly… and we (the player) have to perform the correct manuevers with our controller!

Ahem, back onto the topic at hand…

So, we have a brand new blog – as its name has revealed, I’m a highly sensitive introvert (HSI) and this blog is my storybook! Rather than a “what is a HSI?” and “traits of a HSI” kind of articles, I will be writing about my experiences as a HSI, my feelings and thoughts of any particular topic, my hurdles / shortcomings / issues and (possibly) how I deal with them, all with links to articles from other sites around the digital world. I’m an avid reader of online informational articles (of any topic), so I’m in the constant process of discovering something new about myself. By sharing my stories with the digital world, I hope I will raise more awareness about HSIs and maybe even help someone get an “Aha!” moment about him/herself like how I got mine when I discovered that I was a HSI. 😀

Also, as part of a self-improvement plan, I decided to include a short compassionate letter to myself at the end of each post so that I’ll feel happier about myself! Here is an excerpt from the article about self-compassionate letters:

“We often judge ourselves more harshly than we judge others, beating ourselves up over our faults, flaws, and shortcomings. (…) This exercise asks you to write a letter to yourself expressing compassion for an aspect of yourself that you don’t like. Research suggests that people who respond with compassion to their own flaws and setbacks—rather than beating themselves up—experience greater physical and mental health.”
~From Greater Good in Action: Self-Compassionate Letter, Why You Should Try It

As with many others, I do have quite a bit of shortcomings and also fall into the self-judging trap, so I hope to be more accepting and kind to myself with these letters. I decided to add them to published posts instead of keeping them private in a journal somewhere as I hope they will also resonate with other people having the same issues as I do. 🙂

As with any new projects, I’m pretty excited! So  many ideas are popping into me, my mind is going round and round on what to write. 😀 Wish me luck!

~Nicolle ❤️

Today’s Self-Compassionate Letter:

Dear Self,

Wow, what a huge step you’ve taken! Opening a new blog to write about your honest thoughts, feelings and experiences, and using a real first name instead of a pseudonym? This shows how much your self-esteem have grown!

Good luck and have fun with your new blog. 🙂

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